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To his peers Luke seemed favoured, but he knew otherwise. God who fed the sparrow would nurture him as well. He need not be afraid.
Oh, my heart is breaking for poor Luke. I'm so glad he turned to God for comfort, that is such a faith-building exercise.

I think this is a great story. I would have loved to "hear" what Luke and the other kids were saying in some dialog. It would have helped to put me in the scene. Just a thought.

God bless!
I think what struck me the most was that Luke felt he was not equal in his own family. And yet, the parents taught him God's love the same way they taught all their children. In this way, Luke was equal in the most important way of all. God made sure he had a way to deal with the disappointments.
Poor little Luke. But what a grown-up little fellow in his coping mechanisms rather than just going to behavioural responses to the stresses in his young life. Thanks.
What a wonderful example Luke can be to us all. You've done well! - Nancy
Oh, I LOVE Luke! :::smile::: God may not play favorites, but His "favor" obviously rests on Luke. I'm human though, and I'm partial to Luke... and most other "middle" children. hehe... That's because I can relate! Seriously though, it is good to know that God loves us individually just as much as He loves anyone. Very well done!