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This is good - what a novel way of telling Enoch's story! Good writing.
I enjoyed this very much. It was fun and inspirational. Oh that we could walk as closely with God that our family might understand with such clarity the moments we walk with God.
Well done! A great take on Enoch. By the way, congratulations of getting the only level 2 Davey!
How charming! Like last week's entry, I'd love to see this one illustrated and put into a Sunday School curriculum. Or, I can see children preforming it, almost like a rap. Love it.
What a neat "take" on the Enoch story. I must admit, I was trying to figure out what kind of a name "Thuse" was - but I'm glad you used it - otherwise you definitely would have given up the identity WAY too soon! Great job!
"I'm sure you've heard of Enoch

that patriarch of old -

who walked his way to heaven...

NOW walks on streets of Gold."
Very well done and a joy to read. I found it flows nicely. Keep writing for the glory of HIM!
I want to say, "Wow!", but I won't. I'm thinking it though. This is "blue ribbon" good. It flowed like a beautiful river on a lazy summer day. I think with the right illustrator this could/would be an excellent childrens book. I know I would read it to my Grandkids over and over, and say, "I know the author too." Great job!!!!! Five exclaimation points is the most I give.
God Bless!
CONGRATULATIONS on your win!!!!
Congrats Marilyn! I see I'm not the only one encouraging you to publish for children. Great job!
Excellent poem.
My dear friend, Marilyn! What a delight to see you receiving this magna cum laude recognition! You write so well, even poetry (which I don't recall reading from you til now). I agree with the above commenters that this needs to find an illustrator so we can all buy the book for our grandchildren!

Enoch is the perfect Bible story character for this challenge, and you did him up proud! Congratulations, Marilyn---and a big "thank you," too, for your comments on so many of my stories. I appreciate you!
I was looking through some of the previous challenge winners when I stumbled across this wodnerful piece. You did an exceptional job with this. It was funny, serious, the rthymn was perfect. The message was very creative. I'm only a little bumed it didn't place higher. Great work!
Marilyn, great poem. It's was very reminiscent of my " Nanie's poems" My grandmother my inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your writing. God bless
Congratulations, Marilyn! Nice job. Only rarely do I read poetry all the way through (my mind wonders)but this one kept my attention. Agree with comments & suggestions above. Let us know when it gets published :o)
Finally got around to reading your poem. This is excellent, it is pure scripture and the only creative license is the dialogue which is acceptable when relating a biblical story. I hope you have worked at getting this published.