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I loved the first part of this, but I didn't quite get the connection with the last paragraph. Was the first part a story of the last character's ancestry? I'd love to read the ending of the Biblical fiction story. :-)
I really enjoyed this, but, like Amy, I wasn't excatly certain how the last paragrah tied in with the first part. Maybe if you had an opening paragraph somehow similar to the last, it would have been a little clearer. I loved the biblical fiction though. Also, I sorta think that the chalenge topic could have been a little more prominent.
Kvetch! Kvetch! Kvetch!
(Complain, complain, etc.)
You guys will just have to
wait for the next installment.
You've only got 750 words to
work with.........
And, yes. I'm writing about
my (fictional) great-great-
great-(yada, yada) grandmom!
God Bless.
I read this article and found myself confused. The writing techniques are great, and the expression used is awesome too. However, I'm not sure where or what the point of the story is??
You must have Jewish ancestry - I love the title!! I was very engaged by this "first chapter", if you will. Great details!
Don't you just hate the 750 word thing? Cuts me off all the time! Keep the story going and let us see where you lead us on this walk! Deb