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The Title lured me in...and then the story kept me engrossed until the end. A very well written story of grief and loss...and then an awakening. Nicely done.
You did such a good job of showing us the range of emotions that you experienced during this time--setting off "This is not my brother" in its own paragraph and in italics causes your reader to experience the moment of revelation right along with you. Little details like the burning cigarette add poignancy. Good job!
Very well-written. Flowed nicely. God is so amazing! He can even use the death of a loved one to minister to our souls! God bless.
I had tears in my throat as I read this piece. Very real and conveys well the range of emotions. To see the seeds of hope stirred within you at such a difficult time - that what strong faith is built one. You know that you know.....and you go from there.
An incredible. wonderful, touching story, bringing tears to my eyes and so well written. I loved this.
Very well written. I love how you turned this into a personal testimony. Praise the Lord -- He took a tragic situation and brought good out of it ... He's true to His Word! :)
A touching, well written story.
Well written and moving story. I could feel every emotion and the revelation was handled beautifully. Good job.
I love your detail here, and the story is very compelling.
What a touching article. I especially loved the feeling expressed in this line: "The foyer remained a place where denial was still possible, where my father’s words and reality had not yet collided."
Great read. Extremely compelling beginning.
Death always seems to have the power to force us to examine what we believe. You did a great job at describing the struggle. I especially liked this line: "In the pain of loss, each moment seemed an eternity, yet eternity is what was hoped for." Good job.
Wow! You wrote the words to my own loss of my mother. Great job!