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Wow, this poem defies description--reading it was like being at the lakeshore, being washed over by wave upon wave of gentleness. I liked it a lot, the images were beautiful, and I also liked that it returned to the beginning. I only wonder if it was a bit too long--I'll admit that I started to skim toward the end. But it certainly was a lovely experience.
This poem felt like a dance. I love the pattern of using the 2nd line of each section to begin the next. I'm sure this was not an easy write, but a beautiful read! Great job!
Beautiful, hypnotic. I was a little disappointed because I didn't want it to end, but I guess it had to ...
You do realize this would be incredibly difficult to judge. There's no beginning, there's no end, it's not like anything else anyone could write because it's a MASTERPIECE! I did not want to finish it in one sitting 'cuz I was scared I'd miss something!!!! Good Grief how do yo write like this. I wouldn't even know where to start!
Wow! The reading was like watching a blank bare merry-go-round. But with each revolution a beautiful piece was added until it was fully arrayed in all its mesmerizing beauty. Well done.
I tried to find my favorite line, and I only found they were each one magnificent.
Awesome .... Absolutely Awesome! Masterful ... Absolutely Awesome! Inspired ... Absolutely Awesome! Wow! Wow! Wow!
This demonstrates great talent, combined with anointing and a submitted soul. This was GREAT. (I think that was my first GREAT this week.)
It was like walking through a garden in full bloom; one beautiful aroma after the next. I didn't want to leave.
God Bless!!!!!
Wow - this was amazing!!!! Brilliant!
Thank-you for telling us to take our time while reading this.........Masterpiece! Double wow, no...triple. I felt like I was being washed ashore, pulled back out, washed's simply amazing!
Beautiful, inspiring, wonderful. I loved it.
Amazing work!!!! BEAUTIFUL!
Another wow for you Brenda! I'm really enjoying the creative structure you've used here as well as your rich word choices. I agree with Jan. It is very much like waves of an ocean at the shore. So creative!!
I love your style of writing ,and the name of your entry is unique. Five stars. (:
I think you are in the wrong category. Anyone who writes like this is not an intermediate! Beautiful and imaginative.
I found the structure of this quite fascinating. Well done! I didn’t quite get what cotton candy had to do with anything, and I don’t agree with the theology that the Trinity was created (“Now Triune” --I believe all three parts have always been), but otherwise good job!