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Shades of Isaac Asimov! I loved, loved, loved this--until the last few paragraphs, when it just kind of fizzled away. Consider ending with the bit about playing God, perhaps? This is a highly entertaining glimpse into what makes us human.
I enjoyed reading this article. I was glad to learn the clown was an android, it would be very upseting if it were an insensitive human. And yet, we are in a world full of humans who are insensitive to the desperate needs of others. Thanks for the reminder.
I really enjoyed this story - right up until the end. It seems like you could have done more with explaining how the encounter with the android changed Tom. Good fiction is all about character development, and you have the beginnings of some really good fiction here.
The dialogue is very well written.
Wow -- this is a good story line. I have to agree, however, that it kind of fizzled out at the end. Perhaps the 750 word limit made it difficult to take it further, to a compelling conclusion equal to the rest of the piece. I encourage you to rework the ending and let your imagination go wtih this ... I love it! :)