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This was a good read, but I'm not sure how it fits with the topic. "I want a great guy, not someone who's great..." is that the theme? Other than that, a well-put-together story.
Very entertaining story. It ends abruptly (of course it has to, doesn't it). But, it left me a bit unsatisfied. What if you ended it when the police arrive? The reader would be left wondering what happened.

With knowing Jerry is dead, I wanted some reaction from the wife, but we don't get that chance.

Again, a very well done story.
I ask myself... "Does this story have a satisfactory conclusion?" However, many excellent points are made during the friendly chat between the two friends. Some good thoughts to ponder.
I thought you wrote the conversation between the two of hem well and also pulled in some nice detail. I was wondering where the ending would go and wished you had more sort of dropped there but as I was reading it I thought this is the kind of writing I see in good fiction books. Nice work.