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Oooo! I love this story! What a wonderful moment. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Aside from a beautiful story, it becomes a mystery to me. "Why", I think to myself, "didn't the Dance of the Butterfly show up in the photo's?" Very interesting...and well written.
I enjoyed this.What a special moment and day.
Beautiful story (having just gone through a wedding with my own daughter. I noticed choose should be chose. There were a few sentences I might delete as they didn't move the story along but I must say you captured a wonderful moment in time!! Lovely!!
Very cool story. I assume it's true, which would make it all the better.

I think the butterfly not being in the picture brings the meaning out more. Certain things are not meant to be photographed, they are there for a separate and more important meaning, as your writing spells out. Thanks for sharing this with us.

A typo or two (choose--as pointed out) detract just a bit.

But still a great story.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in time!
A very sweet and beautiful story. I enjoyed it very much. Brenda
As a mother planning a wedding, I loved this up until the epilog--and then I REALLY loved it!

I'm glad you decided not to release butterflies--my daughter went to a wedding where they did that, and they were all dead or stunned. The pavement was littered with butterfly bodies...not a great beginning for a wedding, and kind of freaky.
How beautiful! thanks for sharing.
Yes, as another mother preparing for a daughter's wedding, this especially gripped my heart. You told it so warmly! What a wonderful memory! And the epilogue was perfect! Many lovely things in life cannot be captured and held by a photo frame.
I love butterflies - one of FEW insects I would consider letting land on me. Sounded beautiful!
You're right jen, nothing ordinary here. Excellent job.
Great story, you share a true tale in such a compelling way. Thank you for inviting all of us to spend a moment at the weddng. It felt special to us as well.
Very heart-warming. Aside from the typos already mentioned, this is a beautiful piece -- so visual! "Great" job! :)
This is a wonderful, heartfelt reads like a movie!