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A sweet story. But it is gas and brake PEDALS. I don't know how many times I counted flower PETALS in this delightful story of a first date. Yes, I agree, He's great.
Hehe! Made me laugh. I haven't had my first date yet, but that sounds like something that would happen to me, so I'll a little scared.

But hey, if it landed you a man, won't it work for me...? ;)
I'm glad you recognized a "keeper" when you saw him. Great story!
Hilerious! Oh my! Watch out for using too many parentheses () or []. I found it a little distracting. That many years of marriage ... must have been due to the SOLID beginning! Terrific story
I was judging this challenge and when I read this piece I laughed right through from beginnning to end. You have a talent for portraying a serious situation in a humorous manner. A few things to watch as others have pointed out (spelling, parenthesis) but overall a well written piece and definitely a joy to read. And yes, he is great!