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I love this story. It is intriguing, touching and although I didn't see a strong Topic moved me to tears, so I see it as "GREAT". Well written.
What a beautiful story! Filled with sorrow and joy, co-mingled. That is what it means for follow in His steps. It reminded me of C.S. Lewis' experience in "A Grief Observed". He waits patiently for you to place your fists into his wounded hands, because of His Great Love for you and for me. Thank you for sharing this. God has given you a great gift, may the door be opened for you to continue to share your journey in faithful ,even if painful, words.Yours are the words of one already wise.
Excellent work, with moving description. I love the fact you brought in more than just the visual sense (smell of the bread, salivating mouth, etc.). Very moving.

Watch your comma use. I've had the same problem forever. Try reading your work aloud and pausing where your commas are. It may help with the pacing a bit.

Again, very well done piece.
I like your writing style. It's refreshing, lively and purposeful. You seem like a writer whose not affraid. Oh yes, the story ministered too. God Bless you. I look forward to more of your work.
This was agonizingly heartfelt! Wow! As you wrestle with God, may you find Him to be ever as faithful as He was to Jacob!! I like the way you introduced the fact that you are a Jew with this phrase: "Then, Jacob,
in a bravado of hutzpah, demanded to be blessed!" I don't know what hutzpah means but it makes me want it! ;) God bless you!
Heartbreakingly real and transparent. So well written, Julie.