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I am Mystified by the title and awed by the perfect symetrical form; thanks for sharing.
How perfectly beautiful. I have made a copy so I can take it to bed [it's after 11PM] and reflect on it in my quiet time. You are truly gifted. This piece is masterful. May God gift someone with music worthy of this poem. If they do, it will one day be the song heard by multitudes on Sunday morning from choirs raising their voice to His glory. Thanks.
This beautiful piece rings with "-ings." Absolutely masterful.
I can see you sitting in your garden writing this! You certainly have a knack for this style. Seems to flow right out of you! I'd say good job but that would sort of be an understatement! Oh and see you in advanced *grumble grumble* Oh, that was my stomach . . . hungry, you know!
I can tell you put a lot of thought into your choice of words. Personally I found it a litte heavy to wade through. But I could feel the awe through what I read.
This beloved hymn, "How Great Thou Art", what a wonderful spring board into your passion-filled, star burst verse!
To start with, I take exception to you being the only one with HTML challenges. (See the bottom of advanced list) Now, your Poem....I loved it. It's like you painted it. I coould never do that in such a short time frame, or probably in a long time frame. I can tell you really enjoyed writing this.
GREAT job!
I am in awe of your way with words. You have openned up this hymn (which is not one of my favourites, as I find it a sags a little when trying to sing it) to me, helping me to appreciate your passion for it. More importantly, your entry points beyond the hymn to the great God who inspired it, and you. Well done indeed.
I'm sitting here in awe. Though it is impossible to confine the greatness of our unfathomable God to verse or prose, this broadens, deepens, and pushes the reader beyond the norm. I agree, "masterfully done"! I wan to read it again and soak in the essence of greatness you captured in words. Wow!
Very well crafted. Excelelnt job