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Your title is so clever. Yot got a lot of info into a short amount of words, I enjoyed reading this very much.
I enjoyed the read; there were some problems with punctuation, etc., but it was a Lively Story nonetheless. Regarding the title, Life isn't always what it appears. (smile) Not sure what the moral of the story is; but it kept me reading - nonstop.
A powerful lesson with a twist of dry humor! Very cool :)
This is so good--it just begs to be edited a bit, and then it'll be simply outstanding! I loved it!
This was very easy to read it and kept my attention straight through to the ending.
This was a nice twist on something affecting so many marriages I enjoyed it, but as someone else said it could use a little editing
What a clever way to show so many important points about life. Great story.
I'm with Jan all the way. Try reading your work backwards this will help you to catch typo's, missed words etc.

First, I loved your voice all the way through...the humor was perfect... just enough for a serious story. I loved the twists and your fast pace...great style!!!Very real!!
What a creative take on 'Life!' Well done - a very good read. Love the humor!
Good writing overall. The POV problem with wife's mind spinning threw me a bit. But a good job overall.
I love how you let your reader get inside your narrator's mind, no holds barred. He's an endearing character to boot, innocent in a way he doesn't even recognize, which makes him vulnerable to a bait and switch that gets his attention, big time. This couple is so genuine, I feel like they are part of the family. Great writing once again, SirWilliam! I could read your stuff til the cows come home.
Great title! I'm still laughing! Very earthy real stuff, I loved it. I especially liked that line about her perfume. It set the whole stage.
Good story line. Thank God for praying spouses. Nice job.
This was a great story. A stand out! Funny, sharp and you set the scene well. Good work.
Congratulations! Well-deserved win for a well-conceived story. I enjoyed the fine details, such as the smoke smell on his clothes, and the dialogue in the bar. You're on your way up!
Wonderful! Congratulations! :)
What a delight to see you in first place! Congratulations--you are definitely a winning writer.
Wonderful story! The power of prayer and hope does not disappoint. God is faithful. Great writing.
This article won?
hmmmm..I don't get it?
But, the judges at do.
So keep writing!