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Tp be more Reader Friendly, I suggest you separate your paragraphs with space - otherwise it looks like an uphill task instead of a pleasureable read. Thanks for sharing your story.
What a wonderful story! Marlena has an authentic little girl's voice, albeit very wise. It would have even more impact, I think, if you ended with her teaching you how to live...the irony of that statement would give your ending a real Pow!, and she already knows how to die--you've showed us that beautifully in the body of the story. Very well done.
this is wonderful. Such wisdom in one so young, but realistic. good story.
Excellent! Your dialgue was perfect and you showed rather than told!:) Very believable story that touches the heart.
Good dialogue, however, break up the paragraphs with spaces for readability.
Congratulations, Laura! This is an absolutely beautiful, deeply moving piece. You made me fall in love with Marlena! A well-deserved win...And I'm really looking forward to more of your stuff. Do you put hints on the Boards? I hope so!
Awesome! Congratulations! :)
What a wonderful, heart enlightening story. Beautiful to the core. Everyone has expressed my own thoughts. Congratulations!