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Just as the 23rd Psalm brings me peace - "Ditto" this rhythmic piece of artistic beauty. It brought contentment, peace and joy to my soul. Great job! Thanks.
This sweet poem has many beautiful images and phrases. Thank you!
This is beautiful. Good job.
You have a way with words.
Very well done! The whole thing is quite well integrated, with consistent rhyme and meter.

Your imagery in stanza two is marvelous. I like this: "fleeting moments
Of day and night;
Marching across the sky of life
Like clouds of white." Once your readers taste that level of wordsmanship, they'll be hungering for more. To make this piece really stand out, you might want to develop the same wonderful word-pictures in every stanza. There are many, many ways to say the same thing; and in poetry the sky's the limit as far as word-painting goes!

Excellent entry--keep writing, have fun, and you'll soon be moving up!
"Like autumn’s gold rimmed clouds in
Rosy evening sky.
They glimmer with heavenly light
Before they die,
To kiss the setting sun
and murmur a swift good bye."

Beautiful! May all our moments glow with heavenly light and kiss the "Son" with obedience born of love before they say good by, leaving eternal value and life behind.

Thanks for reminding us how each and every moment is a precious gift! Good job!
Very strong poetry. Great beat thoughout.
I loved the lines "To do His precious work
And work His glorious will."

A delightful, soothing piece. Great work!
Awesome! Very to the point and the beat really kept it flowing! Great job!