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Why are you in intermediate? This is pretty solid; a couple of grammar nit-picks but nothing a good proofing wouldn't help.
I can relate to trying to write, raise little ones, and maintain the house with a hubby that is gone alot. Without the LOrd, we would be crazy....
Very nice--I can see this as the opener for a women's Bible study.

Consder leaving off the first two paragraphs of introductory material, as this piece is much stronger without them. And it's a very good essay indeed!
This is great and I could relate to quite a bit of this. A few minor typos (forgot to capatalize He refering to God a couple times -EASY fix). This would be a great devotional.
I love your transparency here. You spoke to my heart...put words to many of my own feelings. Thank-you.
So many people feel the same way as you. It seems as humans we want so much to earn our salvation. Its wonderful how you can express the depths of your heart through the written word.