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Since we are submitting our work in an anonymous forum, I certainly hope the writer doesn't believe this statment to be factual:
"You have to be of a certain skin kind"
I must admit that your poem has me baffled. I don't even know what to say about this line:

"You have to be of a certain skin kind
Before your poetry gets any attention I do find"

I don't believe anyone here knows or cares what kind of skin I have, and I don't know or care what kind of skin, eyes, clothes, or job you have. All that matters to me is that you are a beloved child of God.

I really hope that it wasn't your intent to malign anyone here. So PLEASE forgive me if I'm misinterpreting your message.

God bless you as you serve him.
Dang, the first one didn't send correctly. I thought this read with a certain beat and you wanted to read it quickly, getting the flying darts in where they belonged. As in all things, there is a grain of truth here even if it did occasionally make me yell ouch.
I just have to add one thing after reading the other comments. I'm not sure that was the intention, I don't think it was personal but a general ideology that sometimes does apply. A feeling that we have to fit into a catergory to get noticed sometime. the judge not least ye be judged a reminder to see all things clearly without prejudice. But that's because I read things not as first person but as a writer who comments on life and thought maybe this person was the same way!
A little perplexing to me as well. Seems to be under the 150 word minimum for the Challenge, but is expressing a sentiment that deserves more words. Truly, in love, I would want to read more in order to see the heart of the writer . Something must have prompted these feelings. If it really is about 'skin', unless there is a picture, I don't think anyone on FW gives much thought to what shade we may be. If it is a metaphore for something else, I guess I am too dense to understand. :0(
At any rate, PLEASE continue to post! Perhaps next time I WILL get it. In Christ, ~LG~
Hi Monique. I had to wait until the winners were announced before leaving a comment here for you. As some readers have already commented, I really hope that you didn't intend this to mean that you weren't favored in the writing challenges because of the colour of your skin. The Challenges are anonymous to the judges - they haven't got a clue who anyone is at all. The most common reason why your poetry doesn't win is actually due to the word count. You regularly fall well under the minimum count allowed. At 73 words, with the Scripture, this was way under the count and, as is often the case with your entries, had to be disqualified. Even though I don't include scripture footnotes in the word count normally, I was even willing to do so if your entry had scraped through, but it wasn't even close. So all you need to do is either expand your poetry, or else add an introduction paragraph or conclusion (other than a scripture footnote). If you do that, then your poetry will be included in the judges' ratings. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)