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Aparently you have some experience with Alzheimers - nicely done piece.
Beautifully written! I love this line: ...The strands of white can not recall their positions when the wind finishes its playful dance... as if even her hair is stricken with the disease. Lovely, poignant ending.
Such a heartwrenching story of a disease that touches so many. It was very well written and touches the very depths of the heart. Nice job.
Well done - and heart breaking. It's so hard to see our loved ones like that.
Crying now, hold on a moment. Ok, I can talk now. Lovely showing of how God's peace and presence never leaves us. The Holy Spirt always remains, and is capable of expressing the heart of God even in this condition. What a comfort. What an awesome God.
Thanks!! My grandmother suffered w/ alzheimer's and I can totally relate to her son. I thought it was beautifully written!
Beautifully written, wonderful story.
This is incredible. Absolutely wonderful! WONDERFUL!!! The story was so well done. The ending was perfect. Powerful. I did find that you switched tenses a few times which distrupted the flow of the story. I really loved these two lines, "The smell of breakfast slips under the door and wafts into the room. Blank pupils blink away the dawn." wonderfully written. WOW. great, great work on this piece. Very impressed.
Very moving and well told story on a tough subject. Good job.
What a beautifully written story, if this doesn't place in the top 3 I will be surprised! I think this showcases your talent as a writer...your choice of words couldn't have been any better. Awesome!
What a moving story - sad, poignant. Yet she remembers peace, and the giver of peace, I'm sure. Excellent.
You did a great job of conveying the feelings of both mother and son. Sad story, but excellent writing!
Glorious! What a beautifully crafted picture of the indestructible human spirit, alive in God long after the brain has backfired. I could feel the love. Top-notch writing, Rachel!