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A gripping glimpse into a terrifying world. We can only imagine. Well done.
I liked how you did God's names the Jewish way (though you put vowels in Adonai and missspelled it ;-) ). Good, thought-provoking entry.
You told the story well. Not only is it difficult to imagine such a horrific time in history, it is also difficult to read about. There is some repetition of words, but there is some very good writing here. Keep writing.
I like your presentation and you made your points well. I would like to see this expanded...more information, especially at the beginning of the story. It certainly left a lump in my throat. Good job.
I like the way you ended this--letting the reader fill in the blanks. I think this bears expanding; perhaps appealing more to our senses so that we feel more of that "you are there" feeling. As written, we are more observers of the action. A very good treatment of the topic--personal peace in the midst of unspeakable horror. Good job.
This is a great take on the topic. There are a couple of missing words - try reading your entry aloud before you submit. The "left, right..." lines were a great addition!
Good job. I liked the way you ended it, leaving it up to decided what happens.
Wow -well done, tight, building tension. I like the attention to the detail about the vowels being missing.
My heart is still pounding,
and the unpleasant tastes of
fear and anger linger in my
mouth! Both my parents were
Jewish, though all of their
family came from Lithuania
in the early 1900's. I remember, all too well, the
stories I heard, as a young
child. It has been over 40
years, and I still dream of
them, sometimes. The fear is
there - and it never goes away - it never goes away.
God Bless.