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You cheesy little nibbler! Could there be a mouse in the house?! There's a certain genius about this piece...silliness mixed with satire. This is my favorite stanza: "What’s this commotion all about?
Why can’t a fella have some peace?
I guess I’ll just stay here and pout
And hope this craziness will cease." Good job!!

I thought I was going to get to commiserate with a fellow cheese head but was pleasantly surprised with your mouse. How clever!
Clever and cute. Thanks.
Cute little poem. :-)
Cute...Nice job.
This is a nice poem. It flowed well and the rhyming scheme was good. I did wonder if the mouse was going to get eaten, though!
A welcome relief from the mundane! In other words...this was an awakening for my chuckler, my snicker and grinning smile. Thanks, I loved it!
I love the 'bored' part. It's perfect! And it IS a relief - a respite to read and so enjoyable. *chuckle, chuckle* Aaaaah! ;)
Okay, I have to comment on this one! What a cheesy take on the topic.

Great Job!
This was a very creative approach. It was cute.
This is really cute! It kept my attention all the way through - I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Fun, fun, fun.