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A very, very touching story and very, very well written! I loved it, and yes, I had to reach for the kleenex touched a chord inside of me...Thank you for sharing.
Very well written, and very interesting. I was eager to find out what his painting was. Nicely done! ^_^
Very creative approach to the topic!

In the 12th paragraph, consider rephrasing the "you" references.

The picture sounds so beautiful; I'd love to see it in real life.
Wow! I would have loved to have seen the picture too! Just visualizing the stormy scene and the eagles is beautiful.

A beautiful message written beautifully and tenderly.

This is very good - descriptive and pulled me into the story. I wanted to see the drawing, but you painted a visual picture with your words. (A few minor errors with punctuation.) Kudos!
Very nicely done. Unusual storyline to capture "peace." Review paragraph #9 for grammatical/spelling errors. Otherwise, I really enjoyed reading this. A great encouragement.
I felt like I was standilng beside Sue in her lovely blue gown, looking at the three pictures of peace. Each one a stunning work, then the one of the eagles, I felt the peace. A masterpiece, written with inspiration from the Master.
A great demonstration of the power of taking that first step out of anger and depression and taking a step towards faith in God. I too was very curious about the painting. You held my attention to the very end. Well done.
Really nice work covering the subject. A minor construction flaw, and I would be happy to discuss it with you privately. PM me.
Very nice story. I like your approach to the topic, well done.
I hate to critique but it's meant to strengthen our writing skills. So, in the sixth paragraph "he" should be "He".

Now for the good stuff...where oh where did I put that kleenex box!

Sharon, I sure hope this places. This peace/piece touches very close to home.

May our Heavenly Father continue to guide your pen.

This is a really great entry - a unique approach to the topic and a captivating story. Watch your point of view - you flipped back and forth a little bit.

Good job!
Your piece is very powerful.
I understand the kind of anger this young man felt; you feel as though you are
are trying to use God as your
punching bag! In the end, all you feel is very exhausted. But, He is truly patient, and holds you in His loving arms - until you are ready to surrender all of your emotions to Him.
God Bless!
Good job on this piece. And congrats!!! You deserve it