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I learned a lot by reading this article: I'd never heard of "shot gun" houses so I wasn't clear who "those people" were until several paragraphs in, but that added to the message...they could have been anyone who was "different" from the narrator, and thus, from me. Very evocative of a region and a time, and with a great writer's voice.
This is a jewel of a commentary on living a life of example. Your father must have been very special.

Your reference to your family's Dodge Dart set the time period well, and you painted a picture of your community the reader will not soon forget.

In paragraph 5 you used the word "peak" which would be a mountaintop when you meant "peek", to sneak a look at something. One or two punctuation typos, but otherwise a fascinating piece. What a nicely written tribute to a man who was an unsung hero for the lessons he taught. Thank you for sharing this with us!
For those that do not know...a Shotgun House in the south is what a Blind Pig is in the north. By the way, I loved this story! It took on a controversial subject and made it into a story for all! I loved this Author's Daddy - even though I didn't know him. Great piece! Well written!
A powerful statement on how far things have come, but we still have a ways to go -sadly. Well written and entertaining, as well.