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A very well-researched sermon and Bible study.

Your writing will be more readable if you find ways to avoid using the he/she construction, and other "slashed" phrases. For example, instead of

...As the born again believer spiritually matures, he/she becomes aware of the specific spiritual gift...

try this:

...As born again believers spiritually mature, they become aware of the specific spiritual gifts...

That avoids the pesky issue of gender-specific pronouns in English, and also avoids the awkward-to-read he/she.

Thanks for taking the time to write this devotional!
Some interesting points, but some of the wording feels awkward -especially all the and/or and he/she things. I know that the he/she thing is "policitally correct", but I think it's unecessisary. I was always taught, "When in doubt, use he". Some editing, and this could possibly be the start of a study.