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It is so important to remember the persecuted. Thank you for your story.
Beautifully written, very powerful. Great subject to remind us about - get this message out to all the western church! I hope this does well.
Wow! This is definitely your best yet! Way to go!
Powerful writing, a poignant reminder, may we not forget.
Well written. It is a good reminder that not everyone is as blessed as we are.
Lacing phrases from the Scripture verse throughout your story gave additional impact to the Word, I think. [For FWs not familiar with Voice of the Martyrs, I heartily recommend their "Extreme Devotion" daily devotional. You won't be able to read just one a day!] Thank you for this true-life reminder about the suffering church.
Excellent writing! This is something all Christians should be aware of and remember to pray for these people on a regular basis.
What a beautiful reminder to a complacent church. Thank you. Beautiful job. I loved it.
This is incredible, captivating, compelling. Great job!
Very creative writing and powerful too! Loved this:)

I am extremely impressed! Is this the same author as last week?! Your talent really shone through in this piece. You wrote with passion and with an errie sense of familarity. Incredible job. This piece would've been very difficult to write, yet you did so extremely well. I loved the breaks in between your story. Those words (verses) really captured your message and sent it home with the readers. I'm thinking you'll b emoving up very quickly with this piece. I tried finding some big faults, but couldn't! The only thing I can suggest is to keep writing, keep editing and each story will be better than the last.

And yes, you have read my story (wilted roses, Masters.) Thanks for your comments!