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Fun Story! Looking forward to the sequel when you go to the music store to buy your grand-daughter a present.
Delightful, absolutely delightful! Well written!
I agree - this was a fun story, which I enjoyed reading. Many of us are used to playing catch-up with our children. One technical point - if you have a question in quotation marks, the question mark goes inside the quotation marks, not at the end of the sentence. So: 'What is the time?' she asked., not 'What is the time' she asked? Anyway, well told.

Ha HAA! (WhoooWheee) Sniff...Snort...
You are MY kind of Woman.

First of all, "Kudos for hanging in there". Second, at least you don't have to deal with bands like "Run DMC", "Snoop Doggie Dog" or Heaven help us, "Good Charlotte" but you will if you have grandchildren like I do. And you'd better be ready.

Us boomers were on the front lines of rock and roll. We understood when John, Paul George and Ringo sang about how they were the "Egg Man and the Walrus" even if THEY didn't.

The GOOD news is that our music is making a comeback. Almost every day I hear covers of songs that I grew up with.

Examples: "Red Red Wine" by U-2, originally recorded by Neil Diamond..."I'm A Believer" by Smashmouth (for the movie "Shreck", originally recorded by the Monkees..."Drift Away" by Uncle Kracker...originally recorded by Dobie Grey...(Remember? "Gimme The Beat Boys And Free My Soul..."

So take heart. And remember what Huey Lewis sang.

"It's Hip To Be Square."


P.S. If it makes you feel any better, there was a song in the "Diso" era called "Do the Hustle". My father believed that there was only ONE kind of music. (Barbershop). Upon hearing this "latest" song, he decided that it must be a song about termites. His point of reference was the chorus which exclaims "DO THE HUSTLE". Unfortunately his hearing was going and he thought they were saying "CHEW THE HOUSE DOWN".

So we're in good company.