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Good job on this true to life story. Watch for repetative phrasing, but good story!
This is a very interesting and realistic story. I love period romance! I really wanted to get to the end to see what would happen.

Do watch the repetition, but well done!
Love the way you told it from both angles. I did spot at least one tense jump. Apart from that, excellent job. BTW you have the respect of this Brit ;)
Nice story. I too liked the two sides from both husband and wife.
Well written, I too enjoy period romance!
How very intriguing, to write a story about "joy" called "numbness." That's more confirmation that joy isn't necessarily tied to merriness. A very clever approach to the story.
I loved your perspective from both angles. This is a very moving piece.
Loved the double POV and the plot - but most of all, I loved the wife as a flawed character. She is refreshingly realistic in her reaction to Peter's homecoming. Great job!
Nice story. Well written. Good job.
I'm hoping by that last sentence that you are suggesting that Eva wept with Joy...otherwise, I am disappointed in the ending...but that's only one person's opinion. Bittersweet story well told.