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How precious the thoughts of our Lord about us. It would be awesome to know. You capture what we can only imagine and bring it to our hearts. Beautiful and warming.
How appropriate, to turn things around a bit and investigate God's joy rather than obsessing over our own. :-)

Loved your word choices: God was ELATED and He TREASURED and REJOICED...and for today, He chose DELIGHT!!! If these words convey what God thinks of me, then what business do I have getting down on myself??!?

This seemed to speak to me particularly clearly today. I am weary and feeling defeated - but if God loves me like this, I can trust Him (as in your first stanza) for not only existence, but purpose and destiny.

Thanks for the reminder that my destiny (even for today) lies beyond weariness, disappointment, and defeat.

Amen and amen. :-)
How lovely. I started thinking it was a parent speaking to a child. THen as it became apparent that God was speaking, I loved the intimate way you described his delight in us - just like the way I delight in my girls (only better, of course!) I hope this places.
Oh, I love the voice of God in this beautifully tender poem! You've captured such delicate and strong love here! I also love the alliteration, the melody in your word sounds. Wonderfully creative, a unique perspective. I can truly feel the heart of God in this!! Beautiful!!!
Oh, this is just beautiful, and speaks so tenderly about the love of God. I Loved It!My only question is, and I am probably wrong...wouldn't it sound better if it ended with..."my adored creation WHICH is you", instead of "who"? I'm no expert, just thought it might sound better. Very nicely done!