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Oh, what a beautiful, touching story you have written! It is creatively and technically perfect, ready for the publisher, in my opinion. And, the Scripture you illustrate jumps off the page and into my soul for further contemplation. This deserves a "win," I think! Thank you!
I love how you pulled me into this wonderful past time! Very nice writing and great dialogue!!:)
I liked this a lot; you did a great job with the Irish dialect and the two likeable, believable characters. I thought it faltered a bit toward the end--it was stronger when Ana and Connor were interacting than when you summarized their ups and downs. You were also very good at capturing the time and place accurately. Nice job!
Wonderful. It was very creative of you to take this fascinating bit of history and turn it into an equally fascinating story. Good job.
Beautifully done! Probably don't need the last paragraph, though, as you show us that it the rest of the story.
Very nice descriptions drew me into the time and place quite effectively. I agree that it would have ended nicely without the last paragraph. Otherwise, terrific!
I LOVED your "voice" in this. The accent was well-done without being over-done. There was one point that I stumbled over: I can't imagine a mother being grateful for the one less mouth to feed. I think a better angle on that would be to be grateful that Liam was spared the agony of hunger. Other than that, I really loved this piece. You showed great creativity and originality and you left me wanting more (in that I'd love to keep reading, not that you left me hanging).
This is an excellent story, well written,great dialogue, and real characters. Good job.
Love it! Great job!
Oh my. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. This is the story of my late grandmother. As a child I would sit at her feet as she related these same ideas of her family and the hardships of the Irish famine - thank you for touching my heart today. dub
Congratulations, friend! Onward Minnesota! I'm thrilled to see your name up "in lights" as I just knew this entry had to be a winner. God bless you with all His best!
This piece drew me right in. Wonderful descriptions, turn of phrase, tender story! Congratulations on your well-deserved win!