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I like this! We certainly make assumptions about people, don't we? There are a few inconsistent tenses here and there, but I was very charmed by this, visualizing these two men and peeking in on their thoughts. Very good.
Very good concept! Amazing that we assume so much about other people. If we could only remember who is rich! Liked the writing style.
Loved this concept of seeing the world and drawing conclusions through 2 different set of eyes. Liked the way you contrasted these two men. It made me waht to imagine how many views of prosperity there are in all the millions of eyes in this world. And especially how prosperity is viewed through the eyes of Jesus.
Unique presentation and great contrasting of viewpoints. I enjoyed it.
Excellent!Love the title...and the contrasting thought processes in these two very different men. I can see this being a much longer piece with perhaps a chance meeting of the two men...lots of possibilities, but also most enjoyable as is. Thankyou, Pat
It's all a matter of perspective. Some minor grammar glitches, but very well done. I was pulled into into it, and more so when I saw the direction you were taking. Great job!
I liked this, too! The contrast between material and spiritual wealth is well-written in this story. I stumbled over the cliche "keeping up with the Jones'", but that is what the businessman was trying to do. Thank you for sharing!
This is a fabulous story. Advanced material. fantrastic, creative. You're a great example of "showing, not telling." You describe the scene without instructing what the reader should be seeing. Great work. Keep writing and you'll go far!

This is great and so creative. You've captured the essence of prosperity so clearly. Awesome.
Great concept here! You've used the word limit really well to develop these characters in such detail. Your writer's voice is great, your flow is great - I think the area you should focus on next is just fixing up small errors. A peer editor could help you in that area. Overall, this is a great entry. Keep writing!
"Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart," is the Scripture that came to mind as I read. You have given us a look at both inside and outside on the opposite ends of what we might think of as prosperity. You have a creative write, here, and you certainly covered the topic! God bless you!
Interesting structure - tense shifts abound however, correct the problem and you have a winner.
Congratulations, George! I am delighted to see your name "up in lights." I'm glad this entry received the recognition it so well deserved. God bless all your endeavors!
I knew you'd hit 'er home, George! Well done!
Great contrast! Congratulations.
A painful truth well told. Great job.
I really liked this one! A very creative monologue, and your character has such a winsome spirit. Congratulations is well-deserved!
I enjoyed this article. This comparison is great.
Highly commended was well deserved for this thought-provoking piece. I enjoyed it.
Oh, George - please start entering challenges again! This is a gem - and so thought-provoking! Great stuff, my friend.
You paint a very nice picture when you write. I hope to read more of your peices in the future. God needs you to write for those who need to read His messages. God Bless!