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Very nice and well-written.
Yes, those who are left home during war are just as much heros as those who fight. Good story!
I enjoyed this! It could have pulled the reader in a little more by knowing something about the father even if a brief description. Also the reference to 'the child' seemed a little detatched. Maybe, her speaking to the baby with a special name would bring it a little closer.Just some suggestions but I really enjoyed the description of her trip to the barn and resting her head on the cow etc. That made it very real.
First off, I love the title... it so fits this story (play on David Crowder Band's song "Revolutionary Love", maybe?

On a more serious note, I kind of agree that Martha referring to her baby as "the child" sounds impersonal, given the circumstances. Even refering to it as "the baby", as Martha has no way of knowing whether it's a boy or a girl, would help make it sound better.

Also - "Someone had to stand up to the British and someone had to stay homethe ones who stood up." I didn't quite understand what you were saying there... I thought that was came after you mentioned the people who stayed home was going to be refering to them. Make it a little bit clearer, maybe.

Other than that, I thought this was a well-written story, and if this is a series, then I sure hope that I get a chance to read the rest.
Well-written story. Your descriptions of the time period are well thought out. I agree with the above comments and I wonder if he will come home.
We who live in this day and time are reaping the benefits of all those that came before. Revolution has been the history of this country since the first immigrant set foot on this soil. Those left behind in wartime have to be strong for those that have gone to fight. Her love for her child and husband help her to make it through the day. Beautiful story.