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I've never seen a take on Joseph like this one. :) Thank you for sharing it!

The end did feel a little rushed but you did what you could with the word count. Good job!
Some of the British spellings and usuages makes me think the author is not American--and you've done a great job with the "Western" setting of this Joseph story, if that's the case! But I wonder if a piece that's so obviously American in nature should have Americanized spellings, so they don't "jar."

Very clever re-telling of the story! I like your dialect, and your names. Nicely done.
I enjoed this. If the word limit is a problem, you caoul have finished before the final 3 paragraphs - about the drought. Would not tell the whole story, but would be intriguing. Anyway, good work
I'd like to borrow a phrase from Simon Cowell of American Idol who says: "Don't sing a Barbra Streisand song unless you can make it better"...and I say - "Don't tell the Joseph Story unless you can TOP the original story". But nice try. Keep up the good work.