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Thank you for sharing this. I assume it is true rather than fictional. What a wonderful story of how faithful God is!
I thought this had a rough start, but it quickly drew me in, and I really appreciate your unique voice. Lots of little witty bits here, and a moving testimony. Nicely written!
I like the way you described this conversion - not road to Damascus (this sort is unusual), more road to Emmaus. Just watch the it's/ its!
A vivid, refreshing and honest testamony of your journey to Christ. God bless.
An entertaining testimony well written.
What a wonderful testimony. I loved that term...just a gnat's eyelash...I've never heard that one before!
I loved this testimony. To me the most emphatic point is the life of the friend. You make that point that so many of us forget in our witnessing to others. Our walk with Christ must be producing fruit in our lives before we can impact others for him. If your friend had professed a faith in Christ, but had been in the same straits as you, the seeds planted may not have fallen on the same fertile soil.
I also love how you tie the title, the salvation and the prayers of others all together in an emotional ending. Great job!
Well written. I enjoyed the read. Good job.
Your flair for humor, intelligence, and truth mixed well for a great read! Sooo ... what did you do with this exceptional degree? Inquiring minds!