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A very neat twist on the lock assignment, you managed to keep my attention with your writing, even though we know how the story ends. Good job!
Great! I've often wondered why Sampson finally told her his secret, when she'd patently betrayed him twice before. Now I know - she was a nag! Thank you for this well-written story.
I have never understood how Samson could be fooled by Delilah after she had already tried to take his strength in so many ways. Good job!
You wrote this extremely well. Nice take on the topic!
Very neatly written, with some delicious irony in the title.
Yep...loose lips sink ships!
Good job... Kate~
You did a really good job on this - but I still don't understand why he couldn't see through her! Was he that dense or just so easily seduced?

Yes - well written account!

This is a well written story. Good job.
Oh, great job, Shari!! You got in all those important details that I passed over in mine! Samson's locks were just too irresistable for us writers to ignore weren't they! LOL! I really like this one!
I love your title. 750 words isn't many, but you've fitted a lot in - a great read - well done.