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More, more! What happened to the rest of the story? We need a bit of the conversation to figure out the change in the elderly owner. Or, at least add "to be continued" so we'll know it isn't over! A neat perspective, however, from a musing gate!
Using the gate to tell the story is a great idea. It kept me interested.
This is great. What a creative spin. I loved it!
Interesting POV!
Very creative. I like the interesting POV.

I loved this story! I think it'll come in the top 3 in this level. It's fabulous!
Very creative! Nice thoughts from the gate and flowed very well! I too would have liked to have known more about the change in the there a way that could be added so I could understand the change??
Very well done - I wish we could have heard the wise man's words :)
Rachel, This is very nice. I particularly love stories written from interesting POVs. Good job.
We used to say "if only these walls could talk" now it's the gate doing the talking. Come to think of it, in the sequel you could get the walls to tell us about the conversation inside the house. But we can guess - "by their works, you will know them". Good job.
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