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The article, I think, misses the whole concept of the pardon that Jesus won for us.

In your story, the guy is innocent and proven guilty. And Mr.Lamb, supposedly the attorney (a type of Christ???)is getting him out of jail.

Jesus pardoned the guilty, not the innocent.

It seems to me that we're a lot like Mr. Manning in that we're surprised that our minor misdoings ('jaywalking')are sinful (illegal) enough to sentence us to an eternity locked away (jail) from God's presence. whether big or small, sin is sin. I thought the story was really interesting and skillfully written. You kept me glued to the story! I liked it!!
Well-written, with a nightmarish quality for most of the piece, circumstances out of control. Great ending, subtle. I like it.
Took me a bit to figure out who was who, but this was a very clever way to depict what Christ does for us in the great courtroom of heaven. Well done.
Clever concept. Well written and interesting to read. I felt frustrated that he was being put into prison for something that he hadn't done but he wasn't innocent was he? :-) Like I said, clever because it works on more than one level and forces the reader to think.
Great imagination. I love the concept! I agree with what the others said though, I had to read it twice to figure out who was who, and while I like the twist of "Mr. Lamb" freeing him, it does seem a little odd since he was innocent... But good job!
I like the story and the twist at the end. Good job.
Woo Hoo! Congratulations, Shari. Great, creative story.

Congrats!!!!! Awesome job on this story. I don't know why everyone was saying that they couldn't understand why an innocent man was in jail...he wasn't innocent. Anyways, great GREAT story and I'm so proud of you!!!
Shari, This win does not surprise me. I loved how your story worked on so many levels. I was right there, outraged at the 'innocent' not even fought for. Then came your ending. I laughed and said, yep, she's right. Good job.

The names are cute too. "Mr. Lamb" and "Mr. Manning" - nice!
Have just seen this Shari. Huge congratulations are in order! I must agree with the last reader (or was it the one before?) who commented - I too had no trouble understanding the story and thought it was incedibly well done. Way to go, girl!
Looking at the above I'll chime in after the fact--I got this---and it was good. Well crafted and what a great way to present grace. Very well done!
Great story. I liked the way it progressed, kind of kept me glued in place wondering what would happen next.