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HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! This was AWESOME!! I loved it!! You have a way of tellin' a mighty fine story! "Fer shur!" :P
Absolutely marvellous. My only question: what was in the cake? Excellent job.
I'm not much for backwoods type humor (different strokes for different folks, you know): however, this was absolutely "the living end" when it comes to humor! Very, very funny, and extremely well written! One of those type stories that you just can't wait for the next line, the next paragraph, etc. Nice Job!
Good job with the dialect!
RORFL!!!!!!! That is the funniest thing I've read in quite some time -I hope this places!!!! hehehe
Hey Cassie, great way to bring that Bible verse to life - hee hee. I thought you did well with difficult dialogue, but be careful. It can slow the story down some if overdone. I got stuck on "cimynon". Your title is perfect!

very funny & excellent use of dialect!
Great job!! And I'm not just saying that! The dialect was perfect throughout, the story line was great, and the Scripture admonition was illustrated nicely. I can't find a thing to pick apart.
The McCoy's kinda reminded me of Ma and Pa Kettle (and I loved the Ma and Pa movies!)
You done good, Cassie! Pardon the grammar!
Very funny. I liked it.

Funny, funny stuff! Kept me laughing all the way through!
I liked it when they 'exploded' out the door! :) (loved the squinty eyes too) Wow! What a blast to read! You done good on this here'un stery! :)
ROFL! Oh, this is a gem for sure! Haha! This one sure adds variety to this week's challenge entries! So funny! Thanks for the laugh!!
Ok, I think I got most of it except for the corncobs (and it might be better that I don't understand! LOL). I thought it was great and enjoyed the laugh - just won't be able to sleep for wondering about those corncobs! Well done.
Too funny. Great story.
Too funny! Great visuals in this one and a clever take on "end" (obviously with more than one meaning in your story - LOL) Dialect was perfect. Very well done. Loved it.
I love your use of dialectical English here - it is really effective.

The plot - the writing - the whole lot is GREAT!

I'm still chuckling :-)
Very funny! I know what's in the cake and what the corn cobs are fer...ahem, for. Great story telling!
I loved it. Especially the cyminon pah. DEElicious.
Very fun, and I think it fit the topic well. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning.
Oh, what a load of fun. No wonder it's a favorite! Thanks for diggin' it back up for us folk that wern't here when you first posted it.
Full of humor here.
LOL! This one is hilarious! Great job!
Took me back to the days when I read and enjoyed "L'll Abner" in the newspaper comics on Sundays.
I definetely think you have a talent for this style of writing. Great job and thanks for re-posting for us to read.
Oh my goodness, what fun! I felt like I was reading a comic strip and I kept wanting to read ahead and see what happened! You're a delightful story teller and no wonder you received so many excellent comments! It was that good!!!
I LOVE this! I've got a soft spot for "country folks." Great job with the voice. Nice touches of humor, too.
Loved it the first time I read it and love it still as it brings back so many found memories of that crazy world I got to enter every Sunday when I read "Li'l Abner"
What a fun story! The dialog is perfect! I have to leave for churh in a little while. What are the odds I'm going to be having that hick accent skipping around in my head? Too funny.
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! Super good fun reading, Cassie.
So perfect Cassie! I would know you anywhere! ;) *chuckle, chuckle, snort*

But I gotta know ... what was in thet ther chocolatey cake!