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I assume this is from your own heart and you're dealing personally with this. Yes, this is a hard time to be selfless. Thanks for sharing with us.
This just hit me to the core. My mom and dad are elderly, I live 1500 miles away and while my sister and brother are great, it hurts that I'm not thre more. I am selfish not to at least write her many things here...
Beautifully written, and very expressive.
Raw emotion in liquid form.

I greatly appreciated the message of this piece, as I too struggle with such a selfish desire. What I admire the most about this piece is your painful, yet genuine honesty. So often we are afraid to speak our hearts to God, who already knows our thoughts anyway. Why sugar-coat or justify, but rather pour the oil of our discontent before the holy God and let the balm of His healing fill us with the contentment that we seek. Very impressive work!! God bless, Nancy
I'm wiping tears as I write. My dad passed away 8 years ago this month and Mom joined him 18 months later. I was their primary caregiver and although I know God was in control and that his wisdom supercedes all human thought, I still miss them. Assuming this is reality and not merely well-written fiction, you will be in my prayers as you face the future. God bless.
What a perfect prayer! I loved this moving piece. It is often hard to know the reasons of God's will when it interferes with our own wishes. We are so tested at times, but your prayer was a great example of submission to the will of God. Well done, Jan.