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At one time or another, we have all known someone who didn't quite fit in. We never stop to consider including that person in our lives. Who is our neighbor? Everyone we meet. God could be asking us to be a friend to someone right now. Are we listening. Through the tragedy in the story comes the lesson of learning to reach out to others. A very good thought-provoking story.
Aside from being a 5-kleenex story, it is very well written, very much of a page-turner, and I loved it from beginning to sad ending. Great Job! Well done!
All I can say is Wow! This is wonderful, creative writing. Great Job!
Hi, Teri. Great story - you really sucked in the reader and conveyed the emotions of your character well. A few technical details to fix: you don't need the triple question marks. And in the 3rd-from-last paragraph, it should be "If only there WAS something..."
Overall, great writing!
Wow. You got me - try as I might, I couldn't NOT shed tears while reading this in Starbucks.

This was a wonderful story and a message we all need to keep in the forefront of our minds. You did a great job with it.

The beginning and end were very good. I wasn't sure you needed as much detail in the middle about your exam, I started to get just a little lost there, but then you pulled me right back in and ended with a bang!
Powerful, convicting. You got me good!
Very well written. Powerful message. Excellent!
This is an outstanding article. I enjoyed the way you drew the reader into your thought life. It's a well put together article filled with intrigue and a powerful message of compassion at the end.
Very good, a few typo and an unnecessary period for psych (it's understood)but a very good reminder for everyone, "Love thy neighbor as thyself..."
Good story. May we learn to not be such selfish people and care more for others. Good job!
Congratulations for the Judges recognizing your entry! I'm so glad...cause I loved it!