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This was a beautiful story from a very different different perspective; I loved it! THe writing is supurb and pretty much follows the biblical story to a "T"...until the end; I don't believe Jesus taught or preached openly after his ressurection...(I will have to re-read...which is good for me) Thank you for this great story, it touched me to the core of my being.
I really love the creativity here, and the unique POV used to tell a familiar Bible passage. Until her name was used, I thought Hannah was Caleb's brother, so that threw me for a bit; perhaps an earlier reference to her gender would clear that up. And I'm not sure if a woman in that age would grab a man's arm and ask him questions; just a small detail to add more authenticity to your piece. You've captured the times well, and also her mix of emotions. Good job!
Oh, this was wonderful. You really did a good job with this unique perspective.

Interesting, I too thought the speaker was a man until the end.

Very good!
I agree with the all of the previous reviewers, a very good take on someone else's perspective at the cross. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to show a break between the end of the paragraph that said "I had to find out more about Jesus" Then but all the next paragraph with the descriptions of what he had done, as a time lapse because she had witness some things and had been told some things. Good imagination, good job!
This is a great story. I love Hannah's perspective on Jesus and the events surrounding His death. Well done.