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Very lovely use of alliteration here. The last three lines, from "Joy..." to "...already written" are so wonderful.
Emotive, gripping, real, challenging....simply fabulous!
Yes, beautifully lyrical and inspiring in its personal, plaintive style. You allow the reader to step into the heart of this speaker and to experience this lovely affirmation of God's love.
Very nice. Good job.
A dance all the way to the end. Good job!
This reminded me of the classics I studied in my Prose and Poetry class in High School. (That's supposed to be a compliment.)

One small thing, that I'm not sure of, but want to point out anyway:
"For the Truth can not be tried or considered or changed." You used the word 'or' when I think it should have been 'nor' because of the negative 'can not'. I think the rule is 'neither=nor, either=or', but it's been along time since English class. ;)

Regardless, very beautiful use of language and I loved the ending lines.
I had read this before and meant to get back to it because personally I loved this. I loved the deep words, the deep struggle with 'poisoned persecptions' (how true!) and the clear Love beyond our control. A really great job!
I loved the imagery here, as well as the flow and the content. It's an excellent piece of work.