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This sounds like my household. I really enjoyed reading this one. Hope you got your break that day!!
I loved the way you worked in so many different meanings of "break," but it didn't sound at all contrived. Very clever.
Well-written! I love your usage of beats, and how smoothly your characters "interact". Two things I noticed:

1) You mentioned the towels in the first paragraph, maybe you could find another way of "moving on to the socks" than using "towels" again. It helps for a smoother read.

2) Thoughts should be italicized. When you format a piece with a word processor, then transfer it to the submission area, formatting seems to get lost in the shuffle. My suggestion is to use HTML ( < i > and < / i > with no spaces between the
Other than that, it was a very smooth and enjoyable read! Hopefully one day my household will be that hectic :)
Haha, that's what I get for trying to put html in the comment area - to edit: no spaces between the little arrow thingies.
Grounds for divorce, suicide or murder - I'm glad none of those were options! A great read with an unexpected ending that made want to turn to chapter two.

Good job.
Your day made mine seem like Dullsville, USA! Great write and an entertaining read...although I was tired out by the time the non-housebroken lab came into the picture. Good job!
Very clever. I loved all of the different "break" usages. I can't believe someone managed to use "break wind"! Great job.
Clever story, I enjoyed it. Glad my house isn't that hectic! Good job.
I was one of six children. Boy, can I identify! Anyone who has raised children is a candidate for sainthood. A well written desciption of the normal calamity of a house hold filled with children! (and a puppy)
I agree with Jan that you were able to get in all sorts of types of "breaks" without sounding forced or contrived. Well done!
I see it! Well done.
Maxx did this with a story that was one of the mushiest he's ever written, and it had SPOOF all down the side :)
Loved this - especially he's not housebroken. So typical of life these days. Well written and kept my attention.
ROFL!!! Oh how all the mom's can relate! I was doing some of that, "Let your brother go, now" as I was reading it lol.
Man, I only have 2 kids and I seem to still have days like this. It's a little too realistic for my liking (just kidding!!!) GREAT JOB!
toooo funny! Very good! Was laughing all through!
Thank you Sally for noticing! I was hoping someone would.

I almost called this "Break, Break, Broke" to clue people in a little more - my son thought I should highlight the first letters of the paragraphs but I thought that was a little TOO obvious. Hmm, maybe I should have listened to him, lol.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the great comments. This was so fun to write (and so true of my 5 kid household!) so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.
What mother of more than two can't relate? And having three girls I can testify that this describes very well the struggle to keep one's patience. By the way, you can't claim Worst Mom of the Year because I think sometimes I can claim that.You kept the actions non-stop which helped to show the reader why Mom may have been pushed to the edge!
Oh, that last line!! This would have been very funny if it didn't smack so much of truth. LOL!! I really enjoyed this! Thanks!!