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Yes, it was suppose to be funny..
This was cute but not sure if the repeating of certain phrases was intentional or not. The repetiveness was a bit much.
I'm glad I have cats. But yes, you could have said what you did with fewer words - but perhaps we want us to know just how desperate the situation really is - Yes? I think you meant "mental faculties" in the beginning paragraph. Good title too.
I think this is hilarious.
Cute! This is the reason I have cats! Your story reminded me of a sign I saw one time. It read, "Dogs have masters, Cats have staff." Gotta love the furry creatures, "product" and all.
According to this funny, funny story..."Dogs have "SERVANTS", and cats have staff" enlighten the previous Commenter...(smile) Great story, fun read and it's so true! I love em!...poo and all!
Poo-fectly hilarious for sure, Pup! How cute!!