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Love the title. I had a little trouble making the connections at the beginning as to "who was doing what to whom" but maybe I'm just a little slow today. I think you might have wanted to say that: "His face contorted into that of a man …" but all in all, a good job.
Engaging and well-written. FYI: "fiancee" with 2 E's is a woman, with one E ("fiance") is a man. You have an interesting, easy-going style.
You have a very casual style of writing...very nice read! I understand that need to control!
Oh my, the conviction is starting to settle in on me. You perfectly described my struggle. I like your writing style, right up to the end with the rolls!
Aha! The trouble with having an FW for a S.S. friend is you have to look them in the eye on Sunday morning when you write a piece that has a grain of truth about yourself! ;) I'll be lookin at cha dear Terri S.S. friend! (this is really, really good by the way!)
The title caught me and the writing kept me reading. Good piece of writing all the way through.
I've never been a "Control Freak"(I think they call them)- so it's hard to relate. However, if the topic of "Complaining" ever comes up - I'd take the cake! I'm a Chronic Complainer! We all have faults that we take to God in prayer. Very well written and a delightful read!
Oh I feel this one from the tip of my toes to the top of my head! You fit me to a tee! Well written, Terri!
I just loved this Terri! You captured much of what women struggle with regarding control. Bravo! This article flows freely, and I loved it! Blessings to you! Valora