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I enjoyed your breakdown of Elijah. The writing flowed nicely. I have one suggestion and that is that you make sure you proof before submitting. Although it is a minor thing, you have several paragraphs which need spaces in between them. Also, in the sentence that begins "Have you experienced...," the word should be "focus," not focussing. Nicely done!
Good job on this challenge and so true that we can move from faith to fear in a flash. Thank the Lord for his grace and mercy toward us.
Your entry is one of my OT favorites accounts.

From victory, to fear and then despair. How often we travel that well-worn path.

I once heard a message that King David was a classic case of bipolar disorder. In one of his Psalms he asks himself 'why are you so downcast oh my soul' and a few verses later 'hope in God.'

Accounts of real people, with real struggles just like us somehow lightens our load!

Another comment suggested a grammar checking tool. I recommend that too, it would have caught some of the mistakes.

Your message was sound. Thank you for the reminder.
You did a great job of retelling this story and I really like your message. It's easy to forget that the Bible heroes were just regular people. I really liked your message and needed to hear it today.