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This article has great characteristics, an intriguing title, an excellent metaphor, and an inspiring testimony. Thank you for sharing.
Good insight to keep in mind when my path crosses that man-eater.
First of all, I am sorry for your pain, but without it you may never have received the gift of peace and joy in your life. Your entry read very smoothly, but the secretary in me noticed some issues. "Man -eater should have the hyphen snug between the two words. In I believe the third paragraph, the last word should be died, not dies. And your paragraphs need tightening. If you don't use a punctuation/grammar tool, you would be wise to do so. I loved the analogy of the quills in the animal's shoulder and the quills in your heart. Just a couple tweaks and you've got a beautiful work!
As Laura mentioned; just a couple of tweaks, some hyphenated words and the comma spacing, here and there. I enjoyed your article, Jesus is our Comforter.
You crafted an interesting and excellent metaphorical entry.

I'm grateful God turned your pain toward Him rather than bitterness.

As was suggested, check and double check punctuation.

You have a great story here. The first paragraph was a bit slow, but picked up when you began the retelling of the tiger story. You need a better transition from the tiger story to your story as it seemed a bit sudden, but you did an excellent job of making me feel so many emotions. You have a powerful clear message, and touched me in many ways.
CONGRATULATIONS on your second-place win!
Your story was successful in relaying the message...was easy to relate to and offered the best advice and truth if the reader takes you up on it. Congratulations! and if this was about you, I'm so thankful you found your much needed comfort in Him...pain isn't anything we are meant to endure alone. Blessings Sister!
You wrote a beautiful story. I am glad you found peace in the Lord.