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Great job of using the topic for a devotional!
I love this one. Not just for the nostalgia, but for the relatability and pointing to our thought life causing us to become stuck like a broken record.

So true. Great analogy!

Good article, thank you for writing it.
This is a good devotional piece. Consider editing down to 350 words and submitting to FW daily devotional. Keep it up.
Your entry kept me interested from beginning to end. As a punctuation freak, I would suggest you use a tool to help in that area. Other than that, I thought it was spot on as far as the word challenge is concerned. It kept my attention.
This is a great testimony. I like how you start out with a story many can relate to. At times it felt like you overexplained, which wasn't necessary because you did a great job of building it up. Tiny proof note: when using decades, make them plural, not possessive. For example '60s should be written like that. The apostrophe is before 6 because it stands for missing numbers (19)and then just add simple plural s. On other hand Holy Spirit's help is possessive and needs apostrophe. Another thought is more my personal choice, but instead of using first person plural (we), be consistent throughout, and I like the first person singular because it feels more intimate. These are all little details. You've done an excellent job of writing on topic while delivering a clear, powerful Christian message. I truly enjoyed reading it and it made me stop and think. You did an awesome job.
I really enjoyed your use of the analogy of the stuck record needle. There were a few mechanical errors which may be corrected easily, but the message was well written. Your vulnerability to tell of your earlier life encourages me. Very good message.