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You probably accidentally pressed the submit button; however, the article has good content. My suggestion would be to concentrate and build on one of the examples your article is about. Keep writing.
I am a new member at Faithwriter's and don't count myself necessarily qualified to critique; however, it looks to me like you need to be careful in proofing your article. It takes away from getting the most out of it. You have a large span of space between a couple of the paragraphs which is very noticeable. Towards the beginning of your article, there is no spacing between paragraphs. These kinds of things causes me to not enjoy the writing as much as I could if I was distracted by the structure of the sentences and paragraphs. Other than that, you obviously have thought this article out very well.
I really like your reference to the sword of the Spirit, God's living and active powerful Word.

However there were numerous typographical errors that may have disqualified your article.

I'm not professionally trained in language, but I am an avid reader and I noticed spacing issues and possible POV - point of view discrepancies.

There is an area prior to submitting where you may preview your entry prior to the final submission.

You wrote a good article and I'd like to encourage you to keep writing.

Perhaps finding a Challenge buddy by reading the current entries and finding someone who is actively posting and sending them a private message and requesting that you buddy up and preview each others articles for suggestions or editing help.

Or here is a helpful article pertaining to the topic in general:
You make some great points in this piece. The examples you gave are good ones. Sometimes I was confused who was speaking or exactly what you meant. One thing that will help this is to read your article out loud, or even better ask someone else to read it to you. If the person stumbles or needs to repeat herself, that's a great clue that it needs some tweaking and proofing. You've done a nice job of writing on topic. You have a clear message and I can feel your passion to share the glory of God through your writing.
Well written and you maintained my interest to the end. Apart from a couple of typos, I couldn't see anything that could improve what you wrote.