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You wrote "He can take my tantrums."

I like how you addressed the subject of suffering in your own life and how God has demonstrated His goodness in the depths of your pain and frustration.

I also like how you included the Psalms being the place where we can find many struggles and hero's of our faith questioning God.

I think it's Psalm 42 where David talks to his own soul and asks it 'Why are you so downcast?'- then in the next Psalm tells himself to hope in God and praise him.

Nothing new under the sun.

Thank you for the reminder that our sometimes radical ups and downs are part of God's grace being sufficient for us.

First of all, I am sorry for your pain. You have exemplified just who and what God is and yes, He IS good all the time. In fact, I often thank Him for the things He DOES NOT give me because I believe God knows what's best for me. Your article/story read well. You gave the reader a myriad of information within the word count restriction. I enjoyed your writing. God bless you!
Oh I've had many heart-to-heart chats with God over the years. So many people, even well-intentioned family and friends don't understand how or why I've had to live with horrific pain for over 30 years. God gets it. He doesn't suggest if I'd just suck it up, it would get better. He wipes my tears when someone tells me my pain isn't real. I know he understands what it's like to suffer even though "I may not look sick." He also shakes his head when I'm crying because someone told me if I had enough faith, I'd be healed. If that were the case, we'd never need to rely on God since just by having enough faith, we could heal ourselves. Jesus truly gets me and I am beyond grateful. You make some great points and will help many understand that God is God and we are mere humans.
Well written and you kept my interest to the end. I couldn't see anything that could improve what you have written.