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As a teacher, I say, "Hurrah!" What a wonderful thing it is to find out the true story and spare a child under stress unnecessary grief!!
Nicely done (but switched streams -you said hat,earlier, and then book -minor fix :)

With my nephew finally being diagnosed dyslexic (after the teacher last year ignored my sister telling them he was, since his father is and other relatives) it's a problem in the schools that too often goes ignored.
it's not always that easy to discover, I am dyslexic (only with numbers) and it took several years to figure it out - good story
Awwww, poor little guy! You did a great job of creating sympathetic characters.
Well done. I was nicely surprised when the boy turned out to be connected to the reason Daphne was called to the school. Well written within the confines of 750 words.
Blessings, Lynda
Such a heart warming story and so well told! You've done a great job of pulling your reader into this little drama! I really enjoyed it!!
Wow, this is very well written. A real situation, often seeming minor to adults, was handled with compassion AND love for truth. If only this happened more frequently in elementary schools...good job.
Good dialogue and characters! And a great way to get across a message. Easy to read, understand and emphathize with the child. Good job!