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A beautiful painting, not with a brush - but with words; describing the beauty of God's universe, His sky, the delicate petals and a lovely prayer of Thanks to the Almighty! I liked it very much! Well written.
This is beautiful. It would make a lovely gift book. I can see it now, sitting on bookstore shelves everywhere, with illustrations to match your wonderful word pictures. God Bless.
This has the feel of a poem. I loved the descriptions.
I think this was good, even the last paragraph you said you didn't like. The only thing I would suggest changing would be to add to the beginning more. It seemed short, especially since you included a verse which was almost as long as your own words. Maybe it could be lengthened with more examples of God's attention to detail. I liked it, just want to see more of your beautiful word pictures!
I agree that this could have been expanded, it shows such promise but leaves the reader wanting more personal examples
This is lyrical and poetic--quite beautiful. There are a few minor tense shifts in the first two paragraphs, but all in all this is a very moving piece. Thank you for writing it.
What you're saying in this piece is awesome! The message is crystal clear and made me stop and think. I did notice the tense changes. Buff it up a bit and you could have a winner!
Blessings, Lynda
This is very poetic. When things in our lives seem to be spinning out of control, it's nice to really "see" nature and know that the entire universe is under God's watchful eye. And, all is in perfect working order!

"Such attention to detail."

Enough said. Excellent work.
Sweet, refreshing devotional! Thanks!
A beutiful devotion. One to begin your day. Really beautiful.