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This analogy is very fitting for this, currently all-engulfing, season of our lives. Thank you.
An excellent analogy. I hope it places high.
An excellent analogy. I hope it places high.

And I love your title. It drew me to open your article.
A timely message. Good job.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. Your words paint a vivid picture that pulls me in right away. I tend to feel God's presence in nature as well, so I could really relate.
I noticed a couple of tiny things that I used to do too until someone pointed it out. Be aware of misplaced modifiers. For example in the sentence that starts: Walking among those magnificent trees, makes it seem like the dead branch is walking among trees. A quick fix could be: Walking...trees, I'm surprised by a dead branch.
Overall though, you've done an outstanding job. You nailed the topic, started with a great hook, and then used the beginning to emphasize the Bible passages. Your ending pulled it all together and gave me something to really think about.
I did not know that about the beetle. This was an interesting and informative article and I hope it places high!
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